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Plastic Hopper

    Detailed Description

    Plastic hopper is an important part of pulverizing system of coal-fired power plant. Due to the material flow in the warehouse, the friction between the material and the wall steel plate is easy to damage the wall, and the rough surface of the steel plate is easy to cause coal plugging. Therefore, in the design of the inner wall of the coal bunker, it is considered to add a layer of wear resistance 5~6 times higher than the ordinary steel plate of the surface of the smooth coal bunker lining plate, in order to extend the service life of the coal bunker, reduce the maintenance rate. For a unit of 600 MW, the coal bunker capacity in the main workshop is about 3,618 m3, and the surface area requiring lining is about 1122 m2. For another example, for a unit of 2 * 300 MW, the coal bunker capacity in the main workshop is about 3,228 m3, and the surface area of lining is about 1608 m2, which is a large amount of work. If there is a substantial shedding in the operation, on the one hand, it will lead to the loss of protection of the basic steel plate and accelerate wear and tear to damage, on the other hand, the lining plate debris will block the outlet of the coal bunker, causing the interruption of coal supply, at this time will have to stop maintenance, which has affected the normal production, but also caused great economic losses. It can be seen that the design and construction of coal bunker lining board is of great significance to ensure the safe operation of the unit.