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Plastic Cutting Board

    Detailed Description


    Now a lot of people are in the process that uses plastic cutting board, can consider convenience, as a result of plastic colour board itself qualitative decision, the surface of plastic chopping board is smoother, after using, wash also very convenient. Even after cleaning the plastic board with detergent, it is not easy to residual detergent.

    A lot of people like to use plastic cutting boards, there is another reason, is the plastic cutting boards of various colors. Especially for some restaurants to use plastic cutting board, if the color is different, in the use of the process is easier to distinguish.

    A lot of people use plastic cutting boards these days, and plastic cutting boards are popular because they compare to other kinds of cutting boards. The style of plastic cutting board is various, the range that can offer a person to choose is wider also.





    Performance of the products:

    1. FDA certified, non-toxic and odorless.

    2. Super toughness, not easy to crack.

    3. No water absorption, easy to clean.

    4. Strong impact resistance, not easy to be deformed;

    5. Antibacterial and anticorrosive, not easily moldy;


    1. The kitchen

    2. The hotel

    3. The supermarket

    4. Meat processing

    5. Food processing plants


    Cutting board

    250*350*10 250*350*15 250*350*20 250*350*25

    350*480*10 350*480*15 350*480*20 350*480*25

    Cutting block

    Φ300*50 Φ300*60 Φ300*70 Φ300*80 Φ300*100

    Φ400*70 Φ400*80 Φ400*100 Φ400*120